What an exhilarating day it was on the Pacific Ocean with Big Eye 2 Sportfishing in Quepos, Costa Rica. As the owner and operator, I, Franklin Araya, am pleased to share the highlights of our day’s catch, providing you with a glimpse of what you can expect when you book a trip with us.

We kicked off the day with the sun rising over the horizon, casting a magnificent glow over the tranquil waters. Our first stop was a well-known hotspot for Roosterfish (also known as gallos in Spanish). Using live bait, our anglers were able to reel in several impressive specimens, the largest of which weighed in at a whopping 45 pounds. Roosterfish are known for their unique dorsal fins and their fighting spirit, providing an exciting challenge for our guests.

As we moved further offshore, we started targeting Snapper (pargos), which are famous for their delicious taste. The Snapper bite was consistent all day, and we managed to land several beautiful Red Snappers. The largest one tipped the scales at 30 pounds, a fantastic catch by any standards.

We also encountered a school of Jacks (jureles), providing our anglers with non-stop action. These fish are known for their speed and strength, making them a thrilling catch. We used a variety of techniques, including trolling and live bait fishing, to successfully land these feisty fish.

Adding to the day’s excitement were the Sharks (tiburones) that we hooked. Catching and releasing these apex predators were a thrilling experience for our guests. We primarily hooked Blacktip Sharks, which are known for their acrobatic leaps and powerful runs.

Overall, it was a day filled with action, excitement, and memorable catches. The diversity of species we encountered is a testament to the rich marine life found in the waters of Quepos, Costa Rica. At Big Eye 2 Sportfishing, we strive to provide our guests with an unforgettable fishing experience, and today was no exception.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, we invite you to join us for a day of sport fishing in Quepos. With our experienced crew and top-of-the-line gear, we’re committed to helping you land the catch of a lifetime.

We’ll be back on the water tomorrow, chasing after more fish and creating more unforgettable memories. Until then, tight lines and calm seas from Franklin Araya and the Big Eye 2 Sportfishing team.