Today was another exciting day aboard the Big Eye 2, as we ventured out into the deep blue waters off the coast of Quepos, Costa Rica. Our fishing expedition was led by myself, Captain Franklin Araya, an experienced and bilingual sport fishing captain who has been navigating these waters for many years.

Our day started early, as we headed out to the open sea under a brilliant sunrise. We were greeted by calm waters and a gentle breeze – perfect conditions for a day of sport fishing. Our clients were eager and ready to reel in some big catches.

Our first catch of the day was a beautiful sailfish. These majestic creatures are a common sight in the waters around Quepos, and they always provide a thrilling fight. We carefully released the sailfish after a quick photo, as is customary in sport fishing to preserve the species and ensure future generations can enjoy the same thrill.

We continued to troll the waters, and our efforts were rewarded with two more sailfish. Each of these catches was a testament to the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and its reputation as a world-class sport fishing destination.

The real highlight of the day, however, was a large atun, or tuna. This fish put up a tremendous fight, testing the strength and skill of our anglers. After a long battle, we finally managed to reel it in. With its sleek body and powerful tail, it was a sight to behold.

Back on shore, we cleaned and filleted the tuna, providing our clients with a delicious and fresh meal to end the day. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a fish you’ve caught yourself, especially when it’s prepared Costa Rican style.

In conclusion, today was another successful day on the Big Eye 2. We caught and released three sailfish and landed a large tuna, providing our clients with an unforgettable sport fishing experience. We’re looking forward to more exciting days out on the water, exploring the rich fishing grounds off the coast of Quepos, Costa Rica.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at sport fishing, we at Big Eye 2 Sportfishing are ready to provide you with a memorable and thrilling fishing adventure. Join us and experience the thrill of hooking a sailfish or reeling in a big tuna.