• Fishing today for Rooster fishing on the Big Eye II, Quepos, Costa Rica.
    • Roosterfish can be targeted year-round in Costa Rica, but the best months for fishing vary depending on the region. In general, roosterfish are more abundant during the dry season, from December to April, when water conditions are clearer and more favorable for fishing.
  1. Fishing Techniques:
    • Roosterfish are known for their aggressive strikes and fighting ability, making them a popular target for sport fishermen. Anglers often use live bait such as small fish, mullet, or sardines, as well as artificial lures like poppers, jigs, and swimbaits.
    • Roosterfish are typically found in shallow coastal waters, and fishing near rocky shorelines, reefs, and submerged structures is often productive.
    • Today we released 3 Roosterfish around 25 to 35 inches and one needlefish, check our report and come fishing with us.