Another exciting day on the waters of Quepos, Costa Rica has come to a close. We embarked on an inshore fishing adventure aboard the Big Eye 2, with yours truly, Captain Franklin Araya, at the helm. Our main target for the day was Roosterfish, a species famous for their fighting spirit and beautiful dorsal fins.

We set sail from the marina just as the sun was rising, the sky painted in hues of orange and pink. Our fishing charter was filled with eager anglers, both beginners and experienced, all looking forward to a day of sport fishing in the rich waters of Costa Rica.

We started our journey by heading towards the local fishing grounds, known for their Roosterfish population. The Big Eye 2 was equipped with top-of-the-line fishing gear, ensuring our guests had the best tools at their disposal. Our fishing techniques for the day included trolling and live bait fishing, both proven methods for catching Roosterfish.

The first catch of the day was a beautiful Roosterfish, caught by one of our seasoned anglers. This was followed by another Roosterfish catch, this time by a beginner who was thrilled with his first catch. By midday, we had a total of three Roosterfish catches, a testament to the rich biodiversity of Quepos’ waters and the expertise of our crew.

Apart from Roosterfish, we also caught a variety of other species including Jack Crevalle and Snapper. Our guests were thrilled with the variety and quantity of fish they were able to catch.

As we headed back to the marina in the late afternoon, our guests were already sharing their fishing tales, each one more exciting than the last. For us at Big Eye 2 Sportfishing, there’s nothing more rewarding than providing our guests with an unforgettable fishing experience.

In conclusion, today’s fishing trip was a Roosterfish bonanza, with three impressive catches. We look forward to more exciting fishing adventures in the future. If you’re planning a trip to Quepos, Costa Rica, and love fishing, we invite you to join us on the Big Eye 2 for a memorable sport fishing experience.

This is Captain Franklin Araya, signing off until our next adventure on the beautiful waters of Quepos, Costa Rica. Tight lines!