Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is a popular and exciting activity due to the region’s abundant marine life and the fact that it’s located on the Pacific coast. Quepos is known for its excellent sport fishing opportunities, particularly for catching big game fish like sailfish, marlin, and dorado (also known as mahi-mahi). Here’s some information about fishing in Quepos:

  1. Prime Fishing Season: The high season for fishing in Quepos typically runs from November to April when the weather is dry, and the waters are calmer. However, you can fish year-round, and different fish species may be more prevalent during various months.
  2. Fishing Charters: Many fishing charters and boats are available for hire in Quepos, making it easy for tourists to enjoy fishing trips. You can choose from half-day, full-day, or multi-day trips based on your preferences.
  3. Fish Species: Quepos is known for its billfish, with sailfish and marlin being the most sought-after species. Other common catches include tuna, snapper, wahoo, and roosterfish. The area’s famous for its “Double Sailfish” or “Grand Slam” days when anglers catch multiple billfish in a single day.
  4. Fishing Techniques: Anglers in Quepos use a variety of fishing techniques, including trolling, live bait fishing, and fly fishing, depending on the species they’re targeting and the conditions. Check with us for new reservations whatsapp +506 8379702 capt Franklin.